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March 2017

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莊邁豪 布高江律師行律師顧問兼香港大學法 律學院副教授 新西蘭人Michael Jackson於1984年遷至 香港,在香港大學法律學院任職,現今 擔任副教授職位。Jackson先生撰寫了 一些法律出版物,包括廣受好評的教科 書"Criminal Law in Hong Kong",並在 布高江律師行任職顧問近30年,專攻刑 法和程序、網絡犯罪、私穩和資料保護 法。他曾擔任香港法律改革委員會欺詐小 組委員會及香港律師會刑事法例及程序委 員會的成員,並多次出席立法會事務委員 會提交意見書。 秦子謙 杜偉強律師事務所高級律師 秦子謙於2008年加入杜偉強律師事務所 的訴訟與爭議解決部門。秦先生主要從事 民事和商業訴訟,在涉及股東和合夥關係 糾紛,商業欺詐,商業跨境訴訟和破產事 務等方面擁有豐富的經驗。秦先生亦定期 就廣泛的訴訟事宜,特別是關於馬雷瓦強 制令,向上市公司、主要會計師事務所、 主要發展商、本地及海外銀行及金融機 構、國際及本地公司提供意見。 Héctor Armengod 瑞生國際律師事務所合夥人 Héctor Armengod是瑞生國際律師事務所在布 魯塞爾辦事處的合夥人,也是該公司全球反壟 斷與競爭業務的成員。他的業務主要關注歐盟 和西班牙的競爭法。特別是,Armengod先生 代表客戶參與歐盟委員會和西班牙競爭管理機 構有關合併控製的程序,並在全球多個司法管 轄區就協調合併控製呈交存案。他還在歐洲委 員會卡特爾和歐盟運作條約102條的調查中作 為客戶的代表律師。Armengod先生在包括製 藥,醫療器械,資訊科技,汽車和零售在內的 各個行業擁有豐富的經驗。 Héctor Armengod Latham & Watkins, Partner Héctor Armengod is a partner in the Brussels office of Latham & Watkins and a member of the firm's global Antitrust & Competition Practice. He focuses his practice on EU and Spanish competition law. In particular, Mr. Armengod represents clients in merger control proceedings before the European Commission and the Spanish competition authority and coordinates merger control filings in multiple jurisdictions globally. He also represents clients in major European Commission cartel and Art. 102 TFEU investigations. Mr. Armengod has extensive experience in various sectors including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, IT, automotive and retail. Kenny Chun W. K. To & Co., Senior Associate Kenny Chun joined W. K. To & Co.'s Litigation & Dispute Resolution Department in 2008. Mr. Chun specialises in civil and commercial litigation and has extensive experience on matters relating to shareholder and partnership disputes, commercial fraud, commercial cross- border litigation and insolvency matters. Mr. Chun also regularly advises listed companies, leading accounting firms, major developers, local and overseas banks and financial institutions, international and local corporations on a wide range of litigation matters, in particular relating to mareva injunctions. Michael Jackson Consultant, Boase Cohen & Collins and Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Law New Zealander Michael Jackson relocated to Hong Kong in 1984 to take up a position with the Faculty of Law at the University of Hong Kong, where he remains to this day as Associate Professor. Mr. Jackson has authored a number of legal publications including the acclaimed textbook Criminal Law in Hong Kong, and has been consulting for Boase Cohen and Collins for nearly 30 years, specialising in criminal law and procedure, cybercrime, and privacy and data protection law. He has served as a member of the Hong Kong Law Reform Commission's Subcommittee on Fraud and the Law Society of Hong Kong's Committee on Criminal Law and Procedure, and has appeared on a number of occasions before Legislative Council panels to present submissions. CONTRIBUTORS 投 稿 者 8 www.hk-lawyer.org •  March 2017

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