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April 2017

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CAMPUS VOICES 法 學 院 新 聞 April 2017 • CAMPUS VOICES 法 學 院 新 聞 CityU: Visit by Delegation of Korea University to Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law Professor Captain Kim In Hyeon, Professor of School of Law and Director of Maritime Law Centre of Korea University, and his six students visited the Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law ("HKCMT") on 13 February 2017. Dr. Xing Lijuan and Dr. Zhao Liang, Associate Directors of HKCMT and Assistant Professors of the School of Law, City University of Hong Kong, received the delegation. Dr. Xing and Dr. Zhao welcomed the delegation at the reception. Dr. Zhao further delivered a seminar titled "Chinese Maritime Law and Recent Development" in which he sketched the definition, source and practice of Chinese Maritime Law. However, the highlight of the seminar was Dr. Zhao's elaborations on recent heated cases from Supreme People's Court of China concerning bills of lading, maritime salvage and marine insurance. The seminar ended with an engaging discussion, during which the students from Korea University actively raised questions. In the evening, Professor Captain Kim also met students from CityU School of Law and gave a guest lecture on "Liability of the Time Charterer". On behalf of HKCMT, Dr. Xing and Dr. Zhao presented souvenirs. Both sides look forward to more collaborative academic opportunities in the future. 韓 國 高 麗 大 學 代 表 團 訪 問 城 大 香 港 海 事 及 運 輸法研究中心 韓國高麗大學法學院教授兼海商法研究中心主任金仁顯教 授率領6名學生於2017年2月13日到訪城市大學香港海事 及運輸法研究中心。香港海事及運輸法研究中心副主任兼 城大法律學院助理教授邢立娟博士及趙亮博士接待了來訪 的代表團。 邢博士及趙博士對韓國高麗大學代表團來訪表示歡迎。隨 後,趙博士就「中國海商法及其最新發展」發表演講。趙 博士對中國海商法的定義、來源和實踐作簡要闡述,並重 點解讀了最近中國最高人民法院處理的關於海運提單、海 上救助和海上保險的案件。 講座結束後,韓國高麗大學的學生踴躍提出各種疑問,趙 博士與學生們進行了富有成果的討論。當晚,金教授也會 見了城大法律學院的學生,並發表題為「定期租船承租人 責任」的講座。 邢博士及趙博士代表香港海事及運輸法研究中心向韓國高 麗大學代表團贈送了法律學院的紀念品。雙方期待將來在 學術方面有更全面的合作。 www.hk-lawyer.org 73

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