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August 2017

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CAMPUS VOICES 法 學 院 新 聞 教員研討會: 英國《2015年保險法》– 保證條款及其他風險緩解條款的改革 2017年6月5日,香港城市大學(城大)法律學院榮幸 地邀請到英國斯旺西大學法律學院Baris Soyer教授在教 員研討會上發表題為「英國《2015年保險法》– 保證 條款及其他風險緩解條款的改革」的演講 。 研討會伊始,城大法律學院助理教授、香港海事及運 輸法研究中心副主任邢立娟博士介紹了Baris Soyer教 授。Soyer教授現為英國斯旺西大學航運與貿易法系主 任並執教海事法、海上保險法和油氣資源法三門法律碩 士課程。他亦擔任國際海商法學術期刊編輯,以及《航 運與貿易法及波羅的海商法季刊》編委會成員。 在對英國《2015年保險法》的立法背景及英國《1906 年海上保險法》的主要問題進行簡要介紹之後,Soyer 教授從風險評估與管理的角度重點探討了英國《2015 年保險法》改革的可行性。 研討會期間,Soyer教授還就改變對保險法和實踐的 潛在影響進行了批判性分析。Soyer教授說:「改變 帶來的一定程度的不確定性將不可避免,特別是英國 《2015年保險法》第十一條的適用;但改變無疑會提 高被保險人的地位。」他亦相信英國《2015年保險 法》將加速其他實行普通法的司法管轄區(例如香港) 的保險法改革的進程。 Staff Seminar: The Insurance Act 2015 – Reform of Warranties and Other Risk Control Provisions On 5 June 2017, the School of Law of City University of Hong Kong ("CityU") was honoured to have Professor Baris Soyer, Professor of the College of Law at Swansea University, to give a staff seminar on "The Insurance Act 2015 – Reform of Warranties and Other Risk Control Provisions". Dr. Xing Lijuan, Assistant Professor of the School of Law and Associate Director of Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law, introduced Professor Baris Soyer at the beginning of the seminar. Professor Soyer is currently the Head of the Department of Shipping and Trade Law at Swansea University and is involved in the teaching of Admiralty Law, Marine Insurance Law, and Oil and Gas Law: Contracts and Liabilities in the LLM programme. He is one of the editors of the Journal of International Maritime Law and is also on the editorial board of Shipping and Trade Law and Baltic Maritime Law Quarterly. After general introduction to the background of the Insurance Act 2015 and the main problems of the Marine Insurance Act 1906, Professor Soyer mainly discussed the appropriateness of the reforms introduced by the 2015 Act from risk assessment and management perspective. During the seminar, Professor Soyer also offered a critical analysis on the potential impact of the changes on insurance law and practice. "A degree of uncertainty will be inevitable as a result of the changes especially with regard to the application of s. 11 of the Insurance Act 2015; but changes will undoubtedly improve the position of the assured," Professor Soyer said. He also believes that the Insurance Act 2015 will accelerate the reform process in other common law jurisdictions such as Hong Kong. August 2017 • CAMPUS VOICES 法 學 院 新 聞 www.hk-lawyer.org 75

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