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November 2017

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Recreation and Sports Committee Feature 康 樂 及 體 育 委 員 會 特 寫 President Thomas So presented the Recreation and Sports Person of the Year Award to Ms. Eliza Chang, the first person to receive this award since its establishment. 會長蘇紹聰律師向年度康樂及體育精英獎得主鄭麗珊律師頒發 獎品,鄭律師是首位獲此榮銜的人。 鄭麗珊律師 , 年度康樂及體育精英獎得主 1. 你何時開始接觸運動/參與康樂活動? 游泳一直是我最喜歡的運動。父親在我八歲左右就 教我游泳。到中一那年,我加入了香港游泳隊。我 的主要泳式是自由泳和蝶式。 我享受於水中不受騷擾的時間,並發覺這是減輕工 作壓力的好方式。對我來說,運動時產生的安多酚 推動我繼續向前。 獎盃背後:得獎律師運動員 康樂及體育計劃是康樂及體育委員會(「委員會」) 轄下的年度計劃,其宗旨是鼓勵會員在繁重的工作 之中不忙生活,並透過參加各種康體活動,與其他 會員和其他專業團體建立聯繫。 為了嘉許及表揚積極參與計劃和推廣運動精神的會 員,委員會設立傑出表現獎並邀請會員報名及提名 候選人角逐。表現最傑出的候選人有機會獲頒康樂 及體育精英獎。 委 員 會 榮 幸 將 2 0 1 6 - 1 7 年 度 的 獎 項 頒 予 三 位 得 獎 者 , 他 們 包 括 : 康 樂 及 體 育 精 英 獎 得 主 鄭 麗 珊 律 師,及兩位傑出表現獎得主余玉瑩律師及符致鍇律 師。三位得獎者向我們透露他們的成功秘訣及如何 保持工作與生活平衡。 Ms. Eliza Chang , Recreation and Sports Person of the Year 1. When and why did you start playing sports/engaging in recreational activities? Swimming has always been my favourite sport. My father taught me swimming when I was about eight years old. In Form 1, I joined the Hong Kong National Squad Swimming Team. My main strokes are freestyle and butterfly. It is great to have some distraction-free time to swim, which I find is the best way to relieve my work pressures. For me, endorphins generated from sports keep me going. Behind the Trophies: Meeting the Award- Winning Sportsman Lawyers The Recreation and Sports Programme (the "Programme") is an annual programme under the Recreation and Sports Committee ("RSC"). Its aim is to encourage members to lead a balanced life in spite of demanding work routines and to network with their fellow members and other professional bodies by taking part in various recreational and sporting activities. In recognition and appreciation of those members under the Programme who have been active participants and promoted good sportsmanship, the RSC invited nominations and applications for potential recipients for the Outstanding Performance Awards. The candidate with the most outstanding performance was also considered for The Recreation and Sports Person of the Year Award. For 2016–17, RSC is pleased to announce that Ms. Eliza Chang was named the Recreation and Sports Person of the Year, while Ms. Vivan Yu and Mr. Bruce Fu both received Outstanding Performance Awards. Here, the awardees reveal their secrets to success and explain how they manage to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Eliza (middle), her dad, and her mum won a total of 23 medals in the South East Asia Pacific Masters Swimming Competition in April 2016. 鄭麗珊律師(中)與其父母在2016年4月的 東南亞游泳大師賽中,勇奪23枚獎牌。 www.hk-lawyer.org 33 November 2017 • RECREATION AND SPORTS COMMITTEE FEATURE 康樂及體育委員會特寫

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