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November 2017

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EDITOR'S NOTE 編 者 的 話 Cynthia G. Claytor 《香港律師》編輯 Legal Media Group 湯森路透 cynthia.claytor@thomsonreuters.com This is one of the most difficult notes to draft as the editor of Hong Kong Lawyer, as it will be my last. This Journal has been a part of my life for almost four years, but after 44 issues, it is time for me to move on to a new chapter. The opportunity to serve as this Journal's editor has been one of the best experiences of my life. Not only have I been able to work with and learn from some of the most inquisitive and sharpest legal minds in the industry, I have also been able to see the Journal serve as a bridge between different members of the profession – as a platform for the legal community (here and abroad) to exchange ideas and advocate for change. Take this month's feature on the QT case (p. 43), which discusses the Court of Appeal's landmark decision that recognises the rights of same-sex couples in Hong Kong who are married (or have entered into marriage- like relationships) under the laws of a foreign jurisdiction. In this piece, the authors compare the QT case with a series of other cases in which the courts have paved the way for the recognition of rights of sexual minorities in Hong Kong. The judiciary's position is then contrasted with the steps taken by the Hong Kong legislature, with the authors concluding that various areas of important substantive rights relating to sexual minorities are ripe to be addressed by new legislation. Also included is an Arbitration feature (p. 38) that explores the scope of the duty of confidentiality in arbitral proceedings in Hong Kong. While expressing appreciation for the Government's efforts to encourage and maintain interest in arbitration as a form of dispute resolution, the contributors highlight certain shortfalls in the statute that have not been addressed and may ultimately lead to problems in practice. The Regulatory feature (p. 50) examines the SFC and SEHK's recently published consultation conclusions of their joint consultation on proposed enhancements to the decisionmaking and governance structure for listing regulation. The author first observes that a clear delineation on what will fall under the SFC or the SEHK's radar is currently lacking and then highlights challenges this may pose to listing applicants. Also noteworthy is the President's Message (p. 6), which explores changes that are afoot in the Online Dispute Resolution space, and the From the Council Table section (p. 10), which provides a comprehensive update on the Professional Indemnity Scheme. Thanks to all who have made my tenure as editor an exciting and positive experience. I look forward to following the Hong Kong Lawyer as it continues to grow its digital presence and spur lively debate about important legal issues. 4 www.hk-lawyer.org •  November 2017 Cynthia G. Claytor Editor, Hong Kong Lawyer Legal Media Group Thomson Reuters cynthia.claytor@thomsonreuters.com 這是作為《香港律師》編輯的最難寫的筆記之一,因為 這將是我的最後一篇編者的話。這本雜誌已經是我生命 中的一部分近四年了,但在第44個期之後,現在是我展 開新篇章的時候了。 有機會為這本雜誌做編輯工作,一直是我一生中最難忘 的經歷之一。我不僅能夠與行業中最具好奇心和最聰敏 的法律工作者一起工作以及從中學習,而且還可以看到 月刋成為行業中各成員之間的橋樑 - 作為一個(海內外)法 律界交流思想、倡導變革的平台。 在本月的 QT案件(第47頁),討論了上訴法院的具有里程 碑意義的判決,承認根據外國司法管轄區法律的已婚(或 已經有像婚姻關係的)同性戀夫妻在香港的權利。在這文 章中,作者將QT案與一系列其他案件進行了比較,法庭 為在香港承認性少眾權利鋪平了道路。司法機構的立場 與香港立法機關所採取的步驟形成對比;而作者的結論 是,與性少眾有關的各個領域的重要實質性權利,已經 到了成熟時機,需要通過新的立法來應對問題。 本期還包括「仲裁」專欄(第41頁),探討了香港仲裁程 序中保密義務的範圍。除了感謝政府鼓勵和保持對仲裁 作為爭議解決方式的興趣,作者還強調法規中尚未解決 的一些缺陷,最終可能導致一些實務中的問題。 「監管」專欄(第52頁)審查了證監會和聯交所最近公佈 的關於對上市監管決策和管治結構建議進行改進的聯合 諮詢的諮詢結論。作者首先指出,目前缺乏有關證監會 或聯交所要監管什麼的明確界定,然後特別指出這可能 對上市申請人構成的挑戰。 還有值得注意的是「會長的話」(第7頁),其中探討了 「線上爭議解決」空間發生的變化以及「理事會議題」 部分(第10頁),其中提供了有關專業彌償計劃的全面更 新。 感謝所有那些讓我在我的任期享有一個令人興奮和積極 經驗的所有人。我期待跟隨《香港律師》繼續其數碼化 發展,並就重要的法律問題進行熱烈的辯論。

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