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November 2017

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CAMPUS VOICES 法 學 院 新 聞 November 2017 • CAMPUS VOICES 法 學 院 新 聞 CUHK Law Seminar Series on Greater China Legal History The Faculty of Law of The Chinese University of Hong Kong ("CUHK") is holding a monthly seminar series on "Greater China Legal History" from October 2017 to April 2018 at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre in Central. Organised by Professor Lutz-Christian Wolff, Wei Lun Professor of Law and Dean of the Graduate School, and Professor Steven Gallagher, Associate Dean (Academic Affairs), this seminar series aims to serve as a forum to discuss the historical development of a great variety of legal issues of interest in the Greater China region. It will feature speakers consisting of faculty members of local law schools and expert practitioners who will discuss a broad spectrum of topics ranging from the History of the Law of Official Oaths, the Extraterritoriality and the Making of Modern China and Japan, Chinese Land Customs before the Small House Policy to the Development of the Law of Unjust Enrichment in Hong Kong, China and Germany. Table 1 shows details of the seminars to be conducted. Each seminar will comprise a one-hour presentation and a 30-minute Q&A session. Admission is open to anyone who is interested and free of charge. Participants of the seminars may also gain Continuing Professional Development ("CPD") points (subject to accreditation by the Hong Kong Law Society). The seminar series on "Greater China Legal History" builds upon the success of the former seminar series on "Chinese Customary Law in Hong Kong" conducted from 2014 to 2016, which attracted nearly 400 attendees to seminars on a variety of topics such as Chinese Customary Land Law, Chinese Customary Family Law, Customary Trusts in Hong Kong, How Entrepreneurs Organised Their Businesses under Chinese Customary Law in History and Present Time. The seminar series on "Chinese Customary Law in Hong Kong" had drawn a diverse group of participants to listen to a broad range of topics concerning the subject. 「香港的中國習慣法」研討會系列討論內容廣泛,吸引了眾多參與者。 Details of the new seminar series on "Greater China Legal History" can be found at the CUHK Law website: http://www.law.cuhk.edu.hk/en/. 「大中華地區法律史」研討會系列的詳情,請瀏覽中大法律學 院網頁: http://www.law.cuhk.edu.hk/en/。 中大法律學院大中華地區法律史研討 會系列 香港中文大學法律系於2017年10月至2018年 4月在中環中大法律研究中心舉辦「大中華地區 法律史」研討會。 研討會系列由偉倫法律學講座教授鄔楓教授及 法律學院副院長(學術事務)Steven Gallagher教授 舉辦,旨在提供一個平台,討論大中華地區各 種各樣法律問題的歷史發展。本地法律學院教 授和專家執業者將討論廣泛的話題,從官方誓 言法的歷史、治外法權與現代中日的誕生、小 型屋宇政策前的中國土地慣行、不正當得利法 律在中國香港及德國的發展等。將會進行的研 討會見表1。 每場研討會將包括1小時的演講和30分鐘的問答 環節,開放予任何興趣的人士免費參加。研討 會的參加者並可獲得持續專業發展 (CPD) 分數 (須經香港律師會認證)。 「大中華地區法律史」研討會系列以2014年至 2016年的「香港的中國習慣法」研討會系列為 藍本,後者就中國習慣土地法、中國習慣家事 法,香港習慣信託、企業家古往今來如何根據 中國習慣法組織業務等議題舉辦研討會,吸引 了近400名與會者參加。 www.hk-lawyer.org 85

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