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January 2018 • CONTRIBUTORS 投 稿 者 戴啟思 Bernacchi Chambers 資深大律師 戴啟思於1953年在蘭開夏郡的沃靈頓出 生。1972年至1975年期間,他在威根的 St. John Rigby Grammar School 及牛津大 學林肯學院學習英國語言及文學。1977 年,他獲認許為大律師,並在香港御用大 律師Goddard的曼徹斯特辦公廳內就北方 巡回法庭事務工作。他於1985年來港, 加入律政司辦公廳。在1989年至1991年 間,他擔任助理律政專員(法律政策),主 要負責人權和憲制事務。他於1991年離 開政府部門,加入張健利資深大律師辦公 廳。他在1997年成為御用大律師。曾在 香港大律師公會執行委員會任職多年,並 於1999年,2000年,2003年及2004年 當選為副主席及於2005年和2006年當主 席。 他在2007年1月辭任主席。 Seung Chong Alakriti Limited,企業和家庭辦公室服務 Alakriti Limited為客戶提供企業和家族辦公室服務。與客戶的 法律顧問一起協合作,我們為企業,企業家,家族辦公室和 私募股權基金提供有利交易的解決方案。請聯繫info@alakriti. co 獲取更多資訊。 Philip J. Dykes SC Bernacchi Chambers, Barrister-at-Law Philip Dykes was born in Warrington, Lancashire in 1953. He was educated at St. John Rigby Grammar School, Wigan and Lincoln College, Oxford University between 1972 and 1975 where he read English Language and Literature. He was called to the Bar in 1977 and practised on the Northern Circuit from the chambers of H.K. Goddard Q.C. in Manchester. He came to Hong Kong in 1985 and joined the Attorney General's Chambers. Between 1989 and 1991 he was an Assistant Solicitor General with special responsibilities for human rights and constitutional affairs. He left government service in 1991 and joined the chambers of Denis Chang, S.C. He took silk in 1997. He has served in the Hong Kong Bar Council for a number of years and was elected Vice-Chairman in 1999, 2000, 2003 & 2004 and Chairman in 2005 and 2006. He ceased to be Chairman in January 2007. Seung Chong Alakriti Limited, Corporate and Family Office Services Alakriti Limited provides Corporate and Family Office services to clients. Working with a client's legal adviser, we provide transaction-driven solutions to Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Family Offices and Private Equity Funds. For more information, please contact info@alakriti.co. CONTRIBUTORS 投 稿 者 www.hk-lawyer.org 9

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