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THE OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE LAW SOCIETY OF HONG KONG 香港律師會會刊 HONG KONG LAWYER www.hk-lawyer.org Hong Kong Lawyer 香港律師 The official journal of The Law Society of Hong Kong (incorporated with limited liability) 香港律師會 (以有限法律責任形式成立) 會刊 www.hk-lawyer.org Editorial Board 編輯委員會 Chairman 主席 Huen Wong 王桂壎 Jenkin SF Chan 陳少勳 Nick Chan 陳曉峰 Peter CH Chan 陳志軒 Heidi KP Chu 朱潔冰 Elliot Fung 馮以德 Steven Brian Gallagher Warren P Ganesh 莊偉倫 Gu Minkang 顧敏康 Julienne Jen 任文慧 Dave CK Lau 劉子勁 Byron TW Leung 梁東華 George YC Mok 莫玄熾 Michelle KM Tsang 曾憲薇 Adamas KS Wong 黃嘉晟 Tony YH Yen 嚴元浩 THE COUNCIL OF THE LAW SOCIETY OF HONG KONG 香港律師會理事會 President 會長 Thomas ST So 蘇紹聰 Vice Presidents 副會長 Melissa K Pang 彭韻僖 Amirali B Nasir 黎雅明 Council Members 理事會成員 Stephen WS Hung 熊運信 Huen Wong 王桂壎 Michael J Lintern-Smith 史密夫 Billy WY Ma 馬華潤 Cecilia KW Wong 黃吳潔華 Brian W Gilchrist 喬柏仁 Denis G Brock 白樂德 Nick Chan 陳曉峰 Bonita BY Chan 陳寶儀 Mark Daly 帝理邁 CM Chan 陳澤銘 Serina KS Chan 陳潔心 Warren P Ganesh 莊偉倫 Simon SC Lai 黎壽昌 Roden ML Tong 湯文龍 Robert C Rhoda 羅睿德 Jonathan Ross 羅彰南 Secretary General 秘書長 Heidi KP Chu 朱潔冰 Law Society's Contact: www.hklawsoc.org.hk 與律師會聯繫 Tel: +852 2846 0500 Annual Subscription 全年訂閱: HK$3,696 © Copyright is reserved throughout. No part of this publication can be reproduced in whole or part without the express permission of the editor. Contributions are invited, but copies of work should be kept, as Hong Kong Lawyer can accept no responsibility for loss. Thomson Reuters Hong Kong Limited 16/F, Cityplaza 3, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2847 2088 www.thomsonreuters.com ISSN 1025-9554 4 EDITOR'S NOTE 6 PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE 9 CONTRIBUTORS 12 FROM THE COUNCIL TABLE 14 FROM THE SECRETARIAT 16 COVER STORY Face to Face with Lord Pannick QC 22 LAW SOCIETY NEWS 34 TRUST LAW Hong Kong as a Trust Hub: Can a Settlor Maintain Control and Avoid an Illusory or Sham Trust? 40 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Why do Officials Swear (an Oath)? 編者的話 會長的話 投 稿 者 理事會議題 律師會秘書處資訊 封面專題 專 訪 彭力克勳爵 QC 律師會新聞 信 托 法 香港作為一個信託中心:財產授予人 是 否可以維持控制權並避免存在虛假或偽 裝信託? 行政及憲法 公職人員為何宣誓? 16 COVER STORY Inside your January issue 一月期刊內容 34 TRUST 40 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW

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