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EDITOR'S NOTE 編 者 的 話 Navin G. Ahuja 《香港律師》編輯 Legal Media Group 湯森路透 navin.g.ahuja@thomsonreuters.com Happy New Year to all our readers! The first issue of Hong Kong Lawyer in 2018 has a number of interesting and topical articles. The solicitor's hourly rates for party and party taxation in civil proceedings which were last reviewed in 1997 have been revised by the Judiciary. The President's Message shares the adverse impact the obsolete rates had on the interests of successful litigants, access to justice and the status of Hong Kong as an international dispute resolution centre. The Law Society's efforts involved in urging the Judiciary to update the obsolete rates are also revealed. (p.6) The land law feature "Time for Revamping the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344)" compares the Ordinance to similar legislation in other countries and reveals how the Ordinance can be improved. Such examination is important given that the Ordinance has not undergone substantial amendments since 1993 and half of the population in Hong Kong is living in private or subsidized housing where building management can be an issue. (p.46) The constitutional law feature "Why do Officials Swear (an Oath)?" digs into the history of official oaths so as to understand why the Basic Law requires that certain officials (the Chief Executive, Senior Officials, Judges and Members of the Executive and Legislative Councils) should, upon assuming office, take an oath to uphold the Basic Law and swear allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. (p.40) Also noteworthy is The Practice Skills section "Knowing what you do not know" which discusses the importance of business knowledge for lawyers as knowledge of the law alone is not enough to win clients or new work and provides a practical example. (p.74) Ending with a punch, the Leisure section features an interview with Jonathan Crompton who shares his experience with boxing. (p.82) 4 www.hk-lawyer.org •  January 2018 Navin G. Ahuja Editor, Hong Kong Lawyer Legal Media Group Thomson Reuters navin.g.ahuja@thomsonreuters.com 祝我們的讀者新年快樂! 《香港律師》在2018年的第一 期,有很多有趣和熱門的文章。律師在民事法律程序中 最後於1997年檢討的按小時計算的費用及各方訟費, 已由司法機構修訂。會長的話與大家分享了過時的訟費 對成功當事人的利益,司法公正和香港作為一個國際爭 議解決中心的地位所造成的不利影響。也透露了律師會 推動司法機構更新過時訟費的工作。(第7頁) 土地法專欄是「修訂《建築物管理條例》(第344章)的 時刻來臨」,該文將該條例與其他國家的類似法例作比 較,揭示如何改善條例。鑑於該條例自1993年以來並 沒有經過重大修訂,及香港有一半的人口居住在私人或 資助房屋,而樓宇管理可能是一個難題,因此該審視是 重要的。(第48頁) 行政及憲法專欄「公職人員為何宣誓?」深入探討官 員宣誓的歷史,從而了解「基本法」為何要求某些官員 (行政首長,高級官員,法官及行政立法兩會議員)應在 上任時誓言維護基本法並宣誓效忠中華人民共和國香港 特別行政區。(第43頁) 同樣值得注意的是,實踐技能一欄「懂得你不懂的」中 討論了商業知識對於律師的重要性,因為單憑法律知識 不足以贏得客戶或同一客戶的新工作,並提供一個實際 的例子。(第75頁) 以「一拳」為結束,律師閒情的部分採訪了Jonathan Crompton,他與大家分享了拳擊的經驗。(第83頁)

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