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DISCIPLINARY DECISIONS 紀 律 裁 決 10 www.hk-lawyer.org •  February 2018 Leung Chi Wa (the 'Respondent') • Disgraceful, dishonourable and discreditable conduct • Section 2(2) of the Legal Practitioners Ordinance, Cap. 159 (the 'LPO') Hearing dates: 3 August 2016 and 5 October 2016 Findings and Order handed down: 12 December 2017 On 5 October 2016, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (the 'Tribunal') heard the Complaint of the Law Society (the 'Applicant') against the Respondent. The Tribunal found the Complaint proved against the Respondent as follows: The Complaint The Respondent, at the material time an employee of a law firm, committed disgraceful, dishonourable and discreditable conduct within the meaning of s. 2(2) of the LPO, in that he was convicted of one count of theft, contrary to s. 9 of the Theft Ordinance(Cap. 210) in Tsuen Wan Magistracy and sentenced to 20 months' imprisonment. The Tribunal's Orders (a) The Respondent be prohibited from employment by solicitor firms or foreign law firms in Hong Kong for eight years from the date of the Order; and (b) The Respondent to pay the Applicant's costs and the Clerk's costs on the party-and-party basis, summarily assessed at the respective sums of HK$58,000 (inclusive of disbursements) and HK$42,838.60 (inclusive of disbursements). Mr. Paulus Lau, In-House Prosecutor of the Applicant, The Law Society of Hong Kong. The Respondent was absent. Mr. Iu Ting Kwok, Clerk to the Tribunal. Tribunal Members: Mr. Andrew Nicholas Hart (Chairman) Mrs. Cheung-Ang Siew Mei, JP Mr. William W. S. Lee 梁志華 (下稱「答辯人」) •可恥、不名譽及有損信譽的行為操守 •《法律執業者條例》(第159章)(下稱「《條例》」)第 2(2)條 聆訊日期: 2016年8月3日及2016年10月5日 裁斷裁斷及命令: 2017年12月12日 律師紀律審裁組(下稱「審裁組」)於2016年10月5日聆 訊律師會(「申請人」)對答辯人作出的申訴。審裁組裁斷 對答辯人作出以下的申訴證明屬實: 申訴 答辯人當時是一間律師行的僱員,作出《條例》第2(2) 條所指的可恥、不名譽及有損信譽的行為,事緣答辯人 被荃灣裁判法院裁定一項盜竊罪罪名成立,違反《盜竊 罪條例》(第210章)第9條,判處監禁20個月。 審裁組作出命令 (a) 答辯人由命令日期起計8年內不得受僱於任何香港律 師行或外地律師行;及 (b) 答辯人承擔申請人的費用及書記的費用,費用按訴 訟各方對評基準評定,分別評定為港幣58,000元 (代墊付費用已計算在內)及港幣42,838.60元(代墊 付費用已計算在內)。 香港律師會註會檢控員劉超傑先生代表申請人 答辯人缺席 審裁組書記姚定國先生 審裁組成員: Andrew Nicholas Hart先生(主席) 張洪秀美太平紳士 李偉生先生

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