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EDITOR'S NOTE 編 者 的 話 Navin G. Ahuja 《香港律師》編輯 Legal Media Group 湯森路透 navin.g.ahuja@thomsonreuters.com I would like to start by wishing you, our readers, a Happy Chinese New Year! As you may be aware, 2018 is the Year of the Dog which represents luck. This month's issue comprises various stimulating and contemporary articles. From the Secretariat discusses the impact Artificial Intelligence will have on the legal services sector and provides useful statistics on the jobs that will be affected within the sector. A question for those who are about to enter or who have just entered the legal profession: are machines better than humans and can we use technology to our advantage? (p. 16) Continuing with a focus on technology, if there is a buzzing sound outside your window chances are that it is a drone as opposed to a bee given that there are now more than 5,000 drones in Hong Kong. Public safety and personal privacy might be at risk. However, drones are also used for legitimate commercial purposes. The Aviation Law feature which points out that the current drone owners are governed by the Air Navigation (Hong Kong) Order 1995 (Cap. 488C), examines the existing laws as well as proposals introduced in December 2017 from a commercial perspective. (p. 42) When a Mareva Injunction which is also known as a freezing order is granted by the court, one would assume that any third party who is served with such an order owes a duty to the holder of the Mareva injunction. However, that is not the case according to a judgment in Hong Kong in November 2017. The Litigation feature examines the concept of a Mareva in detail as well as the recent case which held that third party banks do now owe a duty to the holder and makes a reference to the effect of a Marveva in cross-border disputes. (p. 48) The Practice Skills section is a personal favourite as it shares the importance of advocacy skills for lawyers not only in court or arbitral proceedings but also in various other circumstances. When I used to coach and judge mooting teams, I would remind the students that their mooting/advocacy skills would be useful not only in their professional but also everyday lives. (p. 79) Finally, for those who wish to open up their singer's ears, the Leisure section features Elaine Mok who shares her experience with choral singing. (p. 87) 我想首先祝我們的讀者新年快樂!你也可能知道,2018 年是狗年,狗是代表好運的。 這期月刋包括各種有趣和切合時宜的文章。律師會秘書處 討論人工智能對法律服務板塊的影響,並提供有關該等板 塊將受到影響的工作的有用統計數字。對於即將進入或剛 剛進入法律界的人來說,有一個問題:就是機器比人類更 好?我們可以利用這些科技為我們帶來好處嗎?(第16頁) 繼續重點討論科技問題:考慮到現在有超過5,000架無人 機在香港,如果窗外有嗡嗡聲,這可能是一架無人機, 而不是一隻蜜蜂。公共安全和個人私隱可能面臨風險。 然而,無人機也被用於合法的商業目的。《航空法》的特 寫指出,現時的無人機擁有者是受《1995年飛航(香港) 令》(第448C章)管轄,並檢視現行法例,以及檢視從商 業角度出發、於二零一七年十二月推出的建議。(第45頁) 當法院批出也被稱為凍結令的「馬雷瓦」強制令時,可以 假設任何第三方被送達這一強制令的,都是要向「馬雷 瓦」強制令的持有者承擔責任。然而,根據一個2017年 11月在香港的判決,情況並非如此。《訴訟》專欄詳細 審視了「馬雷瓦」的概念,以及最近的案例,該案例認為 第三方銀行不應該對持有人負責,並提述「馬雷瓦」在跨 境糾紛中的作用。(第51頁) 《實踐技能》部分是個人的最愛,因為該欄不僅與大家分 享了在法庭或仲裁程序中,及在其他各種情況下,對律師 而為重要的辯訟技巧。當我過去常常指導和評判模擬法 庭辯論隊伍的時候,我會提醒學生他們的模擬法庭辯論/ 辯訟技能不僅在他們的專業,而且在日常生活中都是有用 的。(第80頁) 最後,對於那些想聽歌手唱歌的人來說,《律師閒情》一 欄與大家分享了Elaine Mok的合唱經驗。(第89頁) 4 www.hk-lawyer.org •  February 2018 Navin G. Ahuja Editor, Hong Kong Lawyer Legal Media Group Thomson Reuters navin.g.ahuja@thomsonreuters.com

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