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CAMPUS VOICES 法 學 院 新 聞 中大法律學院推出機械律師博客 香港中文大學法律學院金融規管與經濟發展研究中心推出 機械律師博客。 新設的博客是一個公共平台,搜集及分享有關新技術如何 改變法律執業和法規的想法和新聞。機械律師為會影響法 律界方方面面,在涉及更多機械活動的領域發展應會更加 快速。 歡迎就任何當前熱門議題投稿,如金融科技、regtech和 lawtech、數據私隱和知識產權。意見書應以英文書寫, 以450-700字為標準,可討論重要政策或法律問題,也可 能闡述新的研究出版物或產品。 發 帖 或 建 議 博 客 題 材 , 請 聯 絡 S u s a n n a L e o n e 女 士 ( 電 郵:susannaleung@cuhk.edu.hk) 。訂閱或查看博客文章,請瀏覽 https://www.legalanalytics.law. cuhk.edu.hk/。 CPD活動 中文大學法律學院明白持續專業發展(CPD)對法律執業 者的重要性,每年舉辦各種不同主題和CPD活動,以提高 參與者的專業知識和技能。參賽者在成功完成活動後,若 獲香港律師會認可,可獲CPD分數。2018年1月,學院舉 辦了產權法研討會「民事證據與推定」,及大中華地區法 律史研討會系列「小屋政策前的小屋習俗」研討會。 Seminar on "The History of a Mystery: The Development of the Law of Unjust Enrichment in Hong Kong, China and Germany" to be held on 2 February 2018. Seminar on "Small House Custom before the Small House Policy" held in January 2018. CUHK Law Launched Machine Lawyering Blog The Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development at the Faculty of Law of The Chinese University of Hong Kong ('CUHK') launched a Machine Lawyering blog. The new blog is designed as a public forum to gather together and share ideas and news about how newer technology is changing the practice of law and regulation. Such machine lawyering will impact every aspect of the legal profession, and it is reasonable to assume that the progress of such development will be faster than seen in other areas involving more mechanical activity. Any topic of current interest addressing issues often thought of under the rubrics 'fintech', 'regtech' and 'lawtech', as well as data privacy and intellectual property are welcomed to be submitted. Submissions, which should be in English and within 450-700 words, may address an important policy or legal question, or also describe a new research publication or product. To send posts or suggestions for posts to the blog, please contact Ms. Susanna Leone at susannaleung@cuhk.edu.hk. To subscribe or view the blog posts, please visit https://www. legalanalytics.law.cuhk.edu.hk/. CPD Events The Faculty of Law of CUHK recognises the importance of continuing professional development (CPD) for legal practitioners. Every year, the Faculty organises a variety of CPD events of different topics and interests to enhance participants' professional knowledge and skills. Participants may earn CPD points upon successful completion, subject to accreditation by the Law Society of Hong Kong. In January 2018, the Faculty hosted a Property Law seminar on "Civil evidence and presumptions: when is a gift a trust?" and a seminar on "Small House Custom before the Small House Policy" as part of the Greater China Legal History Seminar Series. 90 www.hk-lawyer.org •  February 2018

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