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MARCH 2018

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Ms. Heidi Chu, Secretary General 秘書長朱潔冰律師 全新面貌 迎接挑戰 律師會於1998年4月從前太古大廈搬到永安集團 大廈,至今歷20年。太古大廈後來拆卸重建,並 改名為遮打大廈。自喬遷以來,法律專業的人數 增加了一倍。截至2018年1月底,我們共有9,299 名持有執業證書的會員,秘書處職員有100人,而 1998年持有執業證書的會員人數僅為4,619人, 秘書處職員僅56人。 面對不斷增長的會員人數和變化中的法律服務環 境,律師會的業務範圍不斷擴大,以滿足各方的 需要。 2008年,律師會設立會員服務部,致力為會員提 供更多支援。其工作範圍包括為會員提供康樂和體 育活動,促進會員的工作與生活平衡;組織社交活 動,協助會員建立專業網絡及免費法律諮詢計劃, 讓會員貢獻專業知識,幫助有需要的人士。 為 應 對 全 球 化 的 挑 戰 , 律 師 會 積 極 參 與 國 際 活 動,以保持其作為亞洲法律服務中心的法律專業 代表機構的地位,在世界各地迅速變化的法律界 中與時並進。 2017年,律師會接待了來自大中華地區及其他海 外司法管轄區41個代表團。我們還資助了年青會 員參加國際會議,擴闊他們的國際視野,讓年青律 師更好地裝備自己應對全球化。世界各地司法管轄 區之間的互動日益增加,法律專業人員的流動性亦 A Facelift to Meet Changing Needs This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Law Society's move to its current office at Wing On House. We relocated from the former Swire House in April 1998, which was scheduled to be demolished and redeveloped into the current Chater House. Since then, our profession has doubled in numbers. As of the end of January 2018, we had 9,299 members holding a practising certificate and a team of 100 at the Secretariat, compared to 4,619 members holding a practising certificate and 56 Secretariat staff in 1998. The scope of operation of the Law Society has been expanding to meet the needs of the growing membership and the changing legal services environment. In 2008, the Law Society set up a new Member Services Department dedicated to providing more support to members. Its work ranges from the offer of recreation and sports activities to promote a work-life balance, to the organisation of social activities to facilitate professional networking and free legal advice schemes to enable members to contribute their expertise to help those in need. To cope with the challenges of globalisation, the Law Society is taking a more active role in international activities to maintain its status as the representative body of the legal profession in the legal services hub of Asia and to keep itself abreast of the rapid changes taking place in the legal industry around the world. In 2017, the Law Society received 41 delegations from the Greater China region and other overseas jurisdictions. We also sponsored young members to attend identified international conferences to gain more international exposure FROM THE SECRETARIAT 律 師 會 秘 書處 資 訊 14 www.hk-lawyer.org • March 2018 Committee Room II 會議室II Online Library 網上圖書館

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