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MARCH 2018

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We would like to congratulate Kenneth K. K. Mo, Assistant Solicitor, Paul C.K. Tang & Chiu, Solicitors & Notaries, the winner of our Legal Quiz #45. LEGAL TRIVIA #46 1. Geoffrey Briggs, Chief Justice of Hong Kong, had a fascination with which animal? A. Frogs B. Birds C. Horses D. Cats 2. Which Hong Kong judge wrote a book "I'll Do Better Next Time"? A. Ivo Rigby B. Denys Robert C. John Hulme D. Joseph Kemp 3. Which Hong Kong High Court judge started his career as a member of the British South Africa Police in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe): A. Michael Lunn B. Michael Hartmann C. James Findlay 4. Mohamed Saied, a Hong Kong judge, had to flee which country after being threatened with death in his previous role as Chief Jusitce of that country? A. Rhodesia B. Uganda C. Palestine D. Pakistan 5. Which Hong Kong Chief Justice served as Attorney General to British Guiana prior to his appointment in Hong Kong? A. Francis Piggot. B. Fielding Clarke C. William Rees-Davies D. John Carrington This month, we return to esoterica about members of Hong Kong's legal community. The questions have been prepared by Douglas Clark, Barrister-at-Law. Suggestions for questions to appear in next month's journal are most welcome. Answers to Legal Trivia Quiz #45 Andy Lau brought a passing off action against Hang Seng Bank for using his photograph on credit cards. (Lau v Hang Seng Bank [2000] 1 HKC 280) The photos showed that Faye Wong (referred to in the case (incorrectly) as Huang Fei) was pregnant. (Oriental Press Group v Apple Daily [1998] 2 HKLRD 976) Nicholas Tse was convicted of perverting the course of justice for agreeing with his driver for his driver to claim he was driving at the time. (HKSAR v Tse HCMA 39/2003) Carson Yeung was, at first, a hairdresser. Phillipines. Ronald Singson, a member of the Phillipines House of Representatives, was convicted for possession of dangerous drugs in 2011. (HKSAR v Singson DCCC938/2010) Soler (made up of Giulio and Dino Acconci) were in a dispute with Hummingbird Music. (Hummingbird Music v Acconci [2007] 4 HKLRD 79) Stephen Chan received payment as an appearance fee from Olympian City. This was found by the CFA not to involve breach of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance. (Secretary for Justice v Chan [2017] HKCFA 33) Eva Huang (Huang Shengyi) was sued her former manager in 2007. (Worth Achieve v Huang Sheng Yi HCA 2058/2005) Alan Tam sued for passing off for the use of his photo on Karaoke discs. (Tam v Lex Video Production HCA 5301/1990) The first instance trial was before a jury. (Shaw Brothers v Golden Harvest [1972] HKCA 233) 1. A. 2. C. 3. D. 4. D. 5. B. 6. A. 7. C. 8. A. 9. B. 10. A. 6. Which current member of the Court of Final Appeal served previously as Chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association? A. Geoffrey Ma B. Robert Ribeiro C. Robert Tang D. Joseph Fok 7. Which Hong Kong judge served on the District Court of Palestine immedately before his appointment to Hong Kong? A. Paul Cressal B. Roger Lindsell C. Atholl McGregor D. Michael Hogan 8. Which Hong Kong Chief Justice served with the RAF during WWII? A. Atholl MacGregor B. Leslie Gibson C. Henry Blackall D. Michael Hogan 9. Which former Hong Kong judge spoke Chiuchow, Hokkien and Cantonese? A. TL Yang B. Henry Gompertz C. James Russell D. Kemal Bokhary 10. Which Chief Justice of Hong Kong sat on the Anglo-Japanese Commission dealing with claims under the San Francisco Peace Treaty? A. Henry Blackall B. Leslie Gibson C. Michael Hogan 86 www.hk-lawyer.org • March 2018 Contest Rules: To be eligible to win a bottle of Ch. Roquettes 2010 (Grand Cru) or Ch. Tour Baladoz 2006 (Grand Cru) from Global Vintage Wines Centre, please send your quiz question answers to navin.g.ahuja@thomsonreuters.com. The first reader to respond with the most correct answers, with no more than 3 incorrect responses, will be deemed the winner. The decision of Thomson Reuters regarding the winner is final and conclusive.

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